Wes Craven Talks New Scream Trilogy

The “Scream” movies have only known one director: Wes Craven. Now with talks of a new “Scream” trilogy on the horizon with Kevin Williamson back to script all three, it goes without saying: will Wes Craven return to direct? While Across the Pond to promote the remake of his “The Last House on the Left”, Craven was asked about the new “Scream” movies, and the horror director spilled quite a bit, including the fact that the Arquettes have all but signed on to the new movies, and that they may be the only returning faces from the first three, with the rest made up of new victims — er, I mean, characters.

Some of the highlights from Craven’s interview with Digital Spy:

– Craven expects a script by Williamson by August, and while all parties would like him to return to direct, he is not opposed to it, but it would depend on the script. (That’s what they all say. What he really means is, how much you gonna pay me?)

– The first of the new “Scream” movies is indeed meant to be a trilogy.

– The Arquettes are all but signed, but they may be the only ones. No Neve Campbell, according to Craven.

And finally, Wes Craven is not so much ticked off that the “Scary Movies” made fun of the “Scream” films, but is kind of grumpy about the fact that they reused his shots and he didn’t get paid for it. Hey, wouldn’t you be?

Below: “Wait, what? I’m not in the new ‘Scream’ movies? Damn you, Kevin Williamson!”