Wes Craven Wants to Do Scream 4

In recent months, there have been rumors that the brothers Weinstein are gearing up another installment to their popular “Scream” franchise. The fourth to be exact. Other actors who were involved in the series in some form in the past have also mentioned in passing that a return to the horror franchise is possible, but so far no official announcements have been made. Well, original “Scream” director Wes Craven (he directed all three parts) has apparently also heard the news, and he dropped some ideas of his own. Namely, if “Scream 4” was to be made, he sure wouldn’t mind being a part of it. With conditions, of course.

Says the Cravester to MTV regarding the idea behind another “Scream” movie:

“My last experience [with the Weinsteins] was kind of rough with “Cursed” so it would have to be under very very controlled circumstances… There has been talk between Bob Weinstein and me about doing another ‘Scream’… I don’t know whether that’s been made public so I’ll deny this. I never said it!”

You know, it’s interesting to note that the “Scream” movies began as a straight satire/parody on the horror genre, then slowly but surely, it became a victim of its own success, with one sequel after another. “Scream” has now become a parody of itself, one more horror franchise that refuses to die, just like all those other franchises it mocked in the original.

Wow, that was insightful, huh? Gosh, I feel smart. Hyuk hyuk.

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