Wesley Snipes Might be Back for a 4th Blade Movie


Wesley Snipes as Blade

In terms of comeback performances, Wesley Snipes in the (let’s face it, slightly) overindulgent “The Expendables 3″ was probably not all that successful. The film tanking at the box office certainly didn’t help. But I gotta admit, I had fun watching Snipes return to the big screen.

With “The Expendables 3″ in the rear view mirror and his career (sort of) back on track — or at least, he’s not in prison anymore, so you know, that’s a hell of an improvement — what are the possibility of Snipes slipping on the shades and slicing vampire fools up once again as the Marvel comic book character Blade?

Wesley Snipes in The Expendables 3 (2014) Movie Comic Con PosterAs you’ll recall, Snipes starred in all three “Blade” films, playing a half-vampire, half-human slayer with a badass arsenal complimented by some wicked badass martial artistry. You could even say his Blade was the first real Marvel character to hit it big, well before Captain America, Iron Man, or the Hulk. The last “Blade” movie was 2004’s “Blade: Trinity,” which was for the most part a set up for a spin-off movie featuring then-up and coming kids Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. That plan, er, didn’t quite work out.

When asked way back in July if he’d do another “Blade” movie, Snipes told MTV this:

Yeah, I’d be open to it. I think we’ve got some stones left unturned, and there’s some latitude for us to build on. I’d love to get back in the suit again and do some things that I’ve learned how to do now, that I didn’t know how to do then. I think we’re better at making that kind of a film now.

Anyways, someone is now telling the NY Daily News that the possibility of Snipes doing a fourth “Blade” movie is “‘looking good’ and that he’ll make $3 million from this film, plus a cut of the profits.”

Not bad for a guy in federal prison until earlier this year!

I have absolutely no idea how real this scoop is, but I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss it. Given the popularity of comic book superhero movies these days, not to mention the Marvel brand, you gotta figure a smart producer would be making this happen now>. Also, keep in mind that the first “Blade” in 1998 was a huge hit at the time, the sequel in 2002 (directed by Guillermo del Toro, of all people) did decent box office, and even the much-derided third movie managed to double its budget, though it was generally considered a failure.

Again: Known commodity + Marvel brand = hit?

If you ask me, this is not ice skating uphill:

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  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

    I love me some Snipes, but no! His time as Blade has passed. Michael Jai White or bust! LOL. Can’t say I wouldn’t watch a 4th though.

    • 0ptik

      Thats like your 4th Michael Jai White request in a month. I dont understand why he’s not more popular.

      IMO, Snipes can continue as Blade. I enjoyed the movies. I wouldnt mind seeing more of him. As long as they dont wreck a franchise with the “we should just do one more” idea that many franchises have done. (Contrary to most people, i do not believe that Trinity was a total fail that wrecked the franchise. Except for Whistler dying, ugh… *spoilers*)

      • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

        And that’s exactly why I keep requesting him! Dude is a beast! He can actually act, has good comedic timing, and is just fun. I wouldn’t mind Snipes as Blade, but after all this time, it’s time to reboot. I liked the series and have always said had White fronted that it would’ve been better. The anime was also good. I would love to see something along those lines for a movie, with different kinds of vamps, with different abilities.

    • http://www.thestrongestthereis.com/ Wil TsTi Johnson

      I think snipes proved in expendables 3 that he’s still got it. Plus, Michael Jai white is DC now, and probably Can’t do a blade movie. Michael Jai white is a great action star though and should be bigger. I would have chosen him for Iron Fist if Terry Crews wasn’t in the picture.

      • 0ptik

        DC now? as in he played a mobster in Dark Knight? or Bronze Tiger in Arrow? Lots of people go back and forth between franchises, I dont think that contract issues will be a problem.

        • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

          With movies now a days it does, but with TV not so much. He’s still not as in demand as I’d like him to be but I’m glad he’s getting out there.

      • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

        You mean Luke Cage right? I’ve never thought he’d be bad for the role but I love his martial arts skills and he’d kinda have to tone that down a little. I mean I watched Undisputed 2 and he was kicking all perfect before his character got martial arts training. I mean they could always just say he got trained a little. My other choices for Cage on tv are Morris Chestnut and Boris Kodjoe. And pf course Crews. The Old Spice Guy wouldn’t be bad either.
        And I don’t think Snipes is too old for it per say, but if we’re trying to start something fresh then yeah. You wanna give him one last go at it, I’m good with that, make it EPIC!!!

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    Just…no! He’s too old, he’s not that good an actor, he’s too much of a prima donna with an enormous ego and taking a look at the shit he pulled behind the scenes during trinity? Just no! There are way more talented younger black actors out there who could easily pull this off. Let some unknown take the role, like they did with Thor.

  • Juggernaut

    I’d love to see another Snipes fronted Blade! Having some flashbacks of the time he spent training with Jamal Afari and time spent in China with Ogun Strong’s vampire hunters. There he first encounters a powerful vampire lord named Varnae. That battle ends with all but Blade dead and Varnae extinguished. Then I n present time Include Morbius as a reluctant villain who is being controlled by a resurrected Varnae. Since it is a full fledged Marvel property now you could have Nick Fury recruit him from retirement to lead a special unit of descendants of supernatural experts, dubbed the Vanguard, to stop a HYDRA project called Silvereye that has resurrected Varnae and Dr. Michael Morbius into one of his new his vampire legion. This shit writes itself! Lol.

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

      That would be great, but no I wouldn’t want any of that with Snipes! Sorry. If you’re going to actually start using comics stuff, or even use an idea similar to the anime, then we should just reboot. Trying to make all that stuff a part of the original take on the world just wouldn’t fit in. Start fresh. That’s why I keep saying White, cause he looks like he could be an experienced hunter, but is young enough to front the franchise for a while.