Wesley Snipes Plays a Little Game of Death … Trailer

I was watching “Blade: Trinity” on TNT over the weekend, and it reminded me of just how far and how low Wesley Snipes has fallen. He has a chance of a comeback, though, with the gritty crime drama “Brooklyn’s Finest”, where it looks like Snipes will actually be given the chance to act and not just run around kicking people in the head as he’s been doing for the last few years in a string of generic direct-to-DVD action movies. His latest is “Game of Death”, not to be confused with the Bruce Lee movie of the same name, which was originally announced with Abel Ferrara directing. Curiously, the trailer for the film doesn’t seem to especially jive with the official synopsis by the production company below.

A diplomat’s bodyguard and company are injured in a botched assassination attempt. They’re all taken to the same hospital, where the bodyguard teams up with a nurse to protect the diplomat from a team of ruthless assassins. The nurse soon learns that there is more to this sticky situation than expected.

Starring Wesley Snipes, Zoe Bell, Robert Davi, Gary Daniels, Simon Rhee, Frank Zieger, Ron Balicki, Quinn Duffy, Dennis Budziszewski, and Dailyn Matthew. Directed by Giorgio Serafini.

Check your local videostores or Red Box sometime in 2010.