What does Christopher Lambert think of the new Highlander reboot? Can there be only one???

"SO This is the One???  We're Screwed!!!"

“SO This is the One??? We’re Screwed!!!”

Let’s face it…First of all, 1986’s “Highlander” was a pretty damn good movie.  It was dark, gritty, and the cinematography along with the music and even the acting made for a pretty good 80’s flick (This is probably one of the few times I will give acting props to Christopher Lambert).  Now aside from the HORRID sequels and in my opinion, a sub-par TV series, a reboot has been in the works for the last year or so and has recently acquired actor Ryan Reynolds and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.  Now with that combo, and I am in no way a FAN of Mr. Reynolds, he is a better supporting actor than a film-carrying star (He proved this with “Green Lantern”), and the shooting style of Mr. Fresnadillo proved for an interesting mix and would hopefully be a fresh take on the “Highlander” story.

"Connor, you are being replaced by a man who played "Captain Excellent"....you should be ashamed!

“Connor, you are being replaced by a man who played “Captain Excellent”….you should be ashamed!

Unfortunately, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo left the project recently, and that leaves a gaping hole in the potential reboot.  Now it is said to be in developmental hell, honestly we can only hope.  Recently, Today interviewed the original Mccloud, Christopher Lambert on his thoughts on Reynold’s carrying the Mccloud banner:

First of all, I think he’s a really good actor. On top of it, he’s somebody sensitive. If I was the producer or the director, I would go as far as possible away from the original ‘Highlander’ to try to create a new ‘original’ ‘Highlander.’ I am talking about the script. Because the combination of what ‘Highlander’ was about, plus Queen’s music, was unbelievable. So I don’t think a remake would work … I think a good one would be ‘Man on Fire,’ which was directed by Elie Chouraqui – a French director – and then re-made (in 2004) by Tony Scott. It wasn’t a “remake” of the movie. It was a new ‘Man on Fire.’ And that’s exactly what I would do with ‘Highlander.’ You cannot duplicate something, no matter how big it could be. You cannot duplicate ‘The Killer’ from John Woo; you cannot duplicate ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ by Sergio Leone. You can re-do something, but don’t try and copy.”

Now he does have some decent ideas for the film if it ever gets off the ground again, mainly being this : DON’T COPY!!!  But that is not all Mr. Lambert said in the interview, this is if he will be involved in the production:

“No. Because first of all, it’s too close to me, and I’ve done my ‘Highlander’ bit. I’ve had a great time with it … If they were asking me to do like five minutes in it just as a wink to the audience, I would do it. But they didn’t. I think it would be right that they don’t ask. They have to stay away from the original.”

Basically, he would be up for it, but the production didn’t ask…I am torn on whether this is a good or bad idea.  My biggest fear is that it will delude the mythos of “Highlander” (much like the TV series made it WAY too complicated and the film “Highlander: The Source” just ruined).  The original film was fairly simple and straightforward and I feel the reboot should do the same.  What do you guys think??  Do you agree with Mr. Lambert that Reynolds is a good choice??  Should Lambert be involved??  Can there be only one??

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  • Hiho

    ryan reynolds should not be a leading man in any action/adventure film

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    Am I the only person who actually likes Ryan Reynolds?

    • z0r1n


      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Brock/100001791742952 Jason Brock


    • TRD

      No. I like him too.

      • Lazz82

        I like him…as a supporting actor…when a movie falls on his shoulders….its falls apart…especially in the action department..”Safe House” would’ve been horrible without a great actor like Denzel Washington to counterbalance…I just think he should stick to memorable side parts…

        • TRD

          He was in Buried and I thought he was fantastic in that. He was practically the only person on screen the whole movie. But that is just my opinion. I think he just needs a meatier role where he can display his talent better.

          • Lazz82

            I just don’t see Reynolds having serious “acting” talent…he has great comedic timing..but when he acts seriously…he seems that he is trying to make us laugh..

  • http://www.facebook.com/curtis.a.hedrick Curtis Andrew Hedrick

    I have no problem with reynolds but I don’t see him as connor… I have my own choices. The TV series was fine until they brought in the watchers and pointed out the Kurgans death, up until that point you could believe it took place before the film. Lambert’s Ideas are some of the best I’ve heard about a new Highlander.

  • Debo4735

    I thought he did a good job in The Green Lantern; it wasn’t his fault that the villian, or villian’s sucked. I think he would be great in a Dead Pool movie, but only if who ever writes the C. Nolan Batman movies writes DP.

    • Lazz82

      I will agree Paralax SUCKED in Green Lantern…I blame the writing along with Reynold’s not acting like the damn character until the end of the movie..David Goyer (Co-Writer of Nolan’s Batman Trilogy) also wrote “Blade: Trinity” with Reynolds and he was fine in it…but he also wasn’t the main character.

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

      AGREED!!! I think had they stayed off Earth it would’ve also made the film better. And Goyer would write a GREAT DP flick! But I’d actually like to see the writers behind something like Smoking Aces or Boondock Saints on it. Or Shoot em Up.

  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

    Reynolds is just wrong for this film. I think Kevin McKidd would be great for it though.

    • clarkspark


  • Gordonpeacock

    colin farrell would be great and being from ireland the accent would be easy for him to master!

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

      Yeah he’d really be good. Loved him in Total Recall and Daredevil.

  • pintnoir

    the Idea of an original take would do wonders for the project. And if nothing else why not dug up the original (unproduced) script and just go balls to the walls with it that I would watch.

  • Jsutherland2

    Thomas Jane would nail it , Even looks like Lambert, They could do an updated version keep it simple, swords, rules and storyline. Then find a really powerful group to do the soundstarck Cant duplicate it but keep the same feel look and power of the soundtrack.

  • http://twitter.com/RealTomSawyer Tom Sawyer

    Seriously? You write an article about Highlander, and you cannot even spell the main character’s name right? It is MACLEOD, not McCloud like the Dennis Weaver teevee series… GET IT RIGHT! Christ… doesn’t anyone fact check or proofread anymore???

  • Greg Higgs

    I agree Ryan Reynolds would not be the best choice for this film. I would choose Dougray Scott as my first choice and Kevin McKidd as second. Dougray Scott has the star chops and physicality to handle a Martial Arts based film and he possesses a sensitivity to carry this role of great sorrow, love and humanity. Plus he can present himself very well as a gritty male character as his Mission Impossible 3 role demonstrated. Dougray Scott would be the ideal choice!