What if Michael Bay Directed Pixar’s Up? Answer: Explosions!!!!

Pixar's Up (2009) Movie Image

Ever wonder what would happen if, say, someone inexplicably gave “Transformers” director Michael Bay control over a Pixar animated movie? Well it mind end up looking a little something like this, with plenty of explosions and what have you. I mean, it’s Michael Bay. If things aren’t blowing up, it wouldn’t be Michael Bay. That’s why there is such a thing as a “Michael Bay movie,” know what I mean?

Here’s a movie trailer for Pixar’s 2009 flick “Up” if it was directed by Bay.

“Up,” as you’ll recall, is a heartwarming tale of an old curmudgeon and an, er, generously well-fed Asian kid as they go in search of adventure and other stuff that, in real life would probably get the old guy arrested and the kid put in foster care.

But hey, this is animation, so you know, don’t call CPS!