What if Pixar Made Iron Man?

Iron Man CG by Victor Hugo

Well, then it might look something like this pic below, from a Brazilian 3D artist name Victor Hugo. The piece is called “What Are You Building, Stark?” and is, of course, referring to the first “Iron Man” movie, when reformed billionaire bad boy Tony Stark develops a conscience after his stint in a certain cave and returns home to create himself a suit of armor.

This is obviously a fan creation, but man, wouldn’t it be cool if something awesome like this came out of the Marvel-Disney merger? Disney, as we all know, also has Pixar, and what would you get if you got the Pixar boys to take a spin on a Marvel character or two? I know Joss Whedon’s “The Avenger” is going to blow the crap out of the house, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a Pixar version of “The Avengers”. The combination of limitless resources (after all, if you can imagine it, you can CG model it) and Marvel characters could be mind-blowing.

Here’s what Hugo has to say:

The original idea was to reproduce one of the “Armor Wars” cover, but it looks that I’ve changed a little my mind during the project. This one was a awesome challenge, because I’ve never modeled a car and neither an Iron Man armor (ok, I didn’t modeled exactly the movie armor, but something, ahn… “between”). Another good challenge was to give some tries on 3ds max Hair and Fur – and damn, it is quite impressive! =)

Impressive, indeed, my friend.

Here’s a little of “what could be” in the future (click to enlarge):

Iron Man CG by Victor Hugo

Via : Joblo