What is AMC’s Rubicon? Watch the Trailer for Clues.

What the hell is AMC’s “Rubicon”? Find out this Sunday when the network previews the entire pilot after the “Breaking Bad” Season 3 finale, before rolling out the show’s 13-episode first season later this Summer. There’s been hardly any advertisements for the show that I’ve seen, but I suspect that’ll change as the show’s proper premiere date approaches this Summer.

“Rubicon” stars James Badge Dale (fresh off “The Pacific”) as Will Travers, some sort of genius who works at a think tank, who figures out that there are secret clues in his crossword puzzles. Or something. I just watched the trailer (below), and I’ll be honest with you, I still haven’t a clue what it’s all about, but it sure feels smart.

Via TVOvermind:

“Rubicon is an incredible story about trust and power born out of the desire to find a way to capture the intensity and mystery of the best conspiracy thrillers in a series. It is a show that appeals to everyone who has some skepticism about the relationship between big business and our government, which we think is pretty much everybody,” said Joel Stillerman, SVP of original programming, production and digital content for AMC. “Our stellar cast and creative team allow us to continue to present premium television on basic cable.”

The series cast includes James Badge Dale, Miranda Richardson, Dallas Roberts, Jessica Collins, Christopher Evan Welch, Lauren Hodges, and Arliss Howard.