What is the REAL Reason Darren Aronofsky Quit Wolverine?


According to the boys at CinemaBlend, quoting a longtime scooper “in the know”, it’s less about Darren Aronofsky not wanting to spend a year overseas and away from his family, but more a matter of control. By which I mean, Aronofsky wanted and needed “total control” over the movie to do what he does, but Fox would not give it to him. This, despite the fact that his last movie won a ton of hardware, along with a Best Picture nomination. Apparently that didn’t sway Fox producers one bit.

We’re told that after his last movie earned a Best Picture nomination and won Natalie Portman an Oscar, [Aronofsky] made his demand for the total control over the film that he’d wanted all along, the kind of control Christopher Nolan now has over the Batman franchise at Warner Bros. They tried to give him more money but that wasn’t what Aronofsky wanted. In response to his demand for total control, our source says, “the producers pretty much told him to walk.” So this morning, he did.

So there you have it. This certainly sounds like more of a plausible reason for the split than Aronofsky just wanting to spend more time with the family, which was the excuse used by the director and Fox in their official press release announcing the separation.

“Family time” is a politician’s excuse for quitting; “Creative conflict” is the Hollywood way.

Author: Nix

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  • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool

    WOW! Okay I have now officially joined Juggernaut’s “I hate Fox” bandwagon! This is just absurd? Instead of letting the director make his vision which would probably net them tons of cash, they’d rather throw money at him to keep their inane and stupid vision and then finally kick him out! WOW! Good Job Fox! Good Job! All you’ll get from me now is Family Guy money…and even then I’m waiting til the discs are all cheap. LOL.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/BZBUOXY42MWKDTFMTQIXVNUB24 Dominique

      Hey Dedpool, u and Juggernaut should start a fan club lol. Seriously, where can I sign up? I always give Fox the benefit of the doubt (the trolls on imdb can vouche for that) but this is really a STUPID move on their part……just like they shoe-horned Ridley Scott into directing the Alien prequel…..although he seems to have come out on top with that one. Jesus, Aronofsky gets no love in Hollywood. You’d think that with all the critical acclaim and oscar wins/nominations the man’s garnered they’d get off his nuts. There is life after Christopher Nolan Fox…..and you just killed it. Good job.

      • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool

        You are welcome to join. I too gave them the benefit of the doubt, and they ran with it. They have seriously lost their minds.
        Sent on the Go!

  • Brian

    What needs to happen now (providing it’s true) is the exact opposite of what happened with the first Wolverine movie. People just plain and simply need to NOT go see it and not give it almost a $100 million opening…thus showing Fox that they can’t get away with crap like this. Bottom line is, when bad movies come out and make $100 million in the first weekend, we’re going to see more bad movies. If people go, they will keep coming out, simple logic! So avoiding this one (not hard to do now that Aronofsky is out) is the only solution.

  • Punisher

    The entire Wolverine franchise in movies should just be rebooted now after this shit fox does nothing but fuck things up

  • Punisher

    The entire Wolverine franchise in movies should just be rebooted now after this shit fox does nothing but fuck things up

  • Falock

    in the end like Jon Favreau, i’m proud that aronofsky is holding out on making a film thats not his vision, i think if you hire a director for a job, its his job and the studio gets no say because in the end they suck at making films its why they hire competent directors. i mean seriously they want to put subtitles on a movie thats already in english. so like everyone else i say studio involvement is just moronic

    • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool

      Agreed 100%!

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  • Tokyolegend1

    We’ve seen this before from FOX and MARVEL..Im honestly not surprised. I new it was too good to be true when Arnofsky was actually signed on. Those damn suits just won’t take there hands outta the pot. Its obviously more about money to them rather than the integrity of the material. When you exchange asthetic value and vision for money, you end up with something like Wolverine: Origins…Complete garbage. Unfortunately Fanboys are a small percentage of the overall audience for this film, so even if we were to manage to unite and not support this film, it wouldn’t make that big of a dent in the big picture when all is said and done…They know that,..Thats why they do the crap that they do. Its frankly disgusting.

    • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool

      Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if having creative control was in Fox’s contract for the rights. You’d think they’d want to please fans, which would in kind lead to bigger box-office take.

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  • Cooke76

    To me, it seems Fox just wanted Aronofsky’s name while they retained creative control. Screw that. I’d’ve walked aweay, too.

    • ulik

      That’s exactly what Fox wanted which is what they did with the “Dragon Ball” movie. They paid Stephen Chow(Kung Fu Hustle & Shaolin Soccer) to have his name involved in Dragon Ball but Stephen Chow was not involved in any way in terms of directing, writing or any creativity with Dragon Ball.

  • Duncan

    I’m not a big fan of Aronofsky, don’t like his movies very much, no matter how many awards they got/get.
    But I agree with him on this one, FOX tried to force him into doing something that was in conflict with his vision so he quit. Smart move!

    IMHO, I think they need fanboys to direct superhero movies. People that know the stories, the comics, the cartoons and so on, not a kick-ass director because he made an Oscar movie.

  • Anonymous

    Well, the excerpt from Cinemablend makes it sound like Aronofsky made demands after he signed and after the awards haul that “Black Swan” pulled in. Maybe he and the studio should’ve been on the same page before wasting everyone’s time.

    And I think “Family Time” was one of the excuses given when Matthew Vaughn left “X3″