What Robopocalypse? Steven Spielberg to Direct Bradley Cooper’s American Sniper

Steven Spielberg

Trade news has Steven Spielberg boarding the Bradley Cooper-produced/starring “American Sniper” as a director, which would seem to bode poorly for Spielberg’s “Robopocalypse”, a sci-fi “Terminator”-like project that he’s been attached to direct for a few years now, but the project itself has hit a number of roadblocks on is way to cinemas.

Spielberg will instead make “American Sniper” his next film, with Cooper still attached to produce and star.

Bradley Cooper in A-Team (2010) Movie ImageBased on the autobiography “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History” by former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, the film will recount how Kyle rose through the ranks of the SEALs to become the deadliest marksman in the history of the American armed forces.

Kyle’s accomplishments are made even more impressive when you consider that every single confirmed kill he recorded had to be independently confirmed by a spotter present during the time he took the shot. In the book, Kyle says his real number of kills were actually higher than his official tall because he didn’t always have witnesses around when he took every one of his shots, due to heat-of-the-moment skirmishes, ambushes, and what not.

After leaving the SEALs, Kyle wrote the book and did a promotional tour, and he even took part in an NBC reality show called “Stars Earn Stripes” (pictured below, a promo shot of Kyle from the show). Anyone who saw him participate on that show knows the guy just doesn’t miss. He was easily the most accurate shooter on the entire show, which included vets from other branches of the armed forces and law-enforcement.

I suspect the movie “American Sniper” will focus a lot on Kyle’s tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how that affected his relationship with his wife, who wrote parts of his book from her point of view. Kyle himself was tragically killed by a fellow veteran he was trying to mentor through PTSD on the shooting range, which, ironically, probably spurred Cooper and Warner Bros. to actually move on the movie again after it had stalled for a while.

The plan is to get “American Sniper” into production by early 2014.

Chris Kyle in Stars Earn Stripes

Via : THR