What’s the Deal with the Laser Dots Scene in Predators, Robert Rodriguez?

Adrien Brody in Predators (2010) Movie Image

Apparently I wasn’t the only one wondering “What the EFF?” while watching “Predators”, and realized that the uber cool scene from the trailers (above), where Adrien Brody’s character Royce found himself tagged with not one, but seemingly dozens of predator shoulder-mounted laser sight dots was not-so-inconspicuously missing from the finished film. Rodriguez has a perfectly good explanation why the scene wasn’t in the finished film: he tells MTV that the scene was shot specifically for the trailer, and was never part of the movie’s script.

You don’t want people to always know. A lot of my movies have trailer shots that I shoot just for the trailer, so that people haven’t seen the movie already but they get the feeling of what it’s supposed to represent.

Now you tell me.