What’s the Deal with the Laser Dots Scene in Predators, Robert Rodriguez?


Adrien Brody in Predators (2010) Movie Image

Apparently I wasn’t the only one wondering “What the EFF?” while watching “Predators”, and realized that the uber cool scene from the trailers (above), where Adrien Brody’s character Royce found himself tagged with not one, but seemingly dozens of predator shoulder-mounted laser sight dots was not-so-inconspicuously missing from the finished film. Rodriguez has a perfectly good explanation why the scene wasn’t in the finished film: he tells MTV that the scene was shot specifically for the trailer, and was never part of the movie’s script.

You don’t want people to always know. A lot of my movies have trailer shots that I shoot just for the trailer, so that people haven’t seen the movie already but they get the feeling of what it’s supposed to represent.

Now you tell me.

Author: Nix

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  • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Understandable but they shoulda switched it up. Made the scene in the trailer have like two on him, and in the film have all of them. Ah well. It's actually good practice to a point, but I say don't put such cool scenes in if you're not gonna use them. Put one in that is close to it maybe but not nearly as cool.

  • ErickKwon

    Stop bullshitting about your bait-and-switch, Robbie Rodriguez! I stayed away from all the early clips and trailers except for I think the red-band trailer and I recall it featured scenes from SPOILERS the swordfight and Walton Goggin's last scene and many of the photos released ahead of time gave away key plot points and death scenes. But I can see why he's gearing up his bullshit skills; once “Machete” hits and people start to make hay about it's alleged pro-illegal immigration stance, he's going to need all the help he can get to keep his head above water

  • Robojesus777

    I totally noticed this, too, while watching it. F*ing bullshit. It's just like that 'tire flying into the camera' shot from “Twister” that we never got. >=[

  • Brian

    Or the scene where pepper kisses Ironman's mask before she throws it out the C-130.

  • Shaggy

    F-in' BS I say Robbie had an ending idea that involved said scene. But since that ending surely would have no possibility for a sequel change was taken. Since every film involving comics/video-games/TV-shows/anime must end with possibility for more mone…I mean sequel.

    Case in point, this there's no reason for this, if it would have been some deleted scene maybe or alternative seen. But not an “admitted” cock tease.

  • Pyroboi

    The film is utter tripe. A re-hash of an old idea that’s already been re-hashed a dozen or so times before.

    The only reason anyone would think otherwise is the multi-laser shot they gave out in the trailer. I always thought trailers showed short clips and a mini-synopsis of the actual film.

    If they wrote on the back cover of a book to expect a scene where the main character suddenly has wings sprout from his back and then read the book to find out he just had a small jet-pack, there would be uproar. And hollywood gets away with it because….?

    So the trailer for a film is only made in order to show the concept of the film, not the actual footage.

    Any point in making trailers anymore? No. Not if you’re going to lie in them.

    The scene where there ARE multiple lasers trying to target them, they don’t even know what the lasers are or what they’re coming from. COMPLETELY different concept to the main character being covered in them, and him making a facial expression of ‘oh shit’ – obviously knowing EXACTLY where they’ve come from and what being targetted by so many means.

    Utter arse-water. My blu-ray copy is happily sat in the bin waiting collection from some unlucky binman.

  • Viperjared

    It’s pure bs. The scene is in the movie. It is right before the convict cuts on of them and Adrian Brody has Red Cross hairs on his forehead. They just took that seen and computer added more dots. Total B.S.