When John McClane Tells You to Eat Him, This Time He Might Actually Mean It

John McClane Chocolate

Because a real-life John McClane gunning down bad guys has gotten kinda tired, why not immortalize the man who made American cowboying an International hit in life-size chocolate? Cause that’s what the Japanese have done in a recent press conference for McClane’s latest adventure, “A Good Day to Die Hard”.

The curious part here is that the Japanese guy “playing” John McClane is way more muscular and in shape than the actual John McClane circa 1986, which is kind of ironic. Remember, ’86 McClane was supposed to be an Everyman, not the superhero he is in today’s movies. By comparison, check out the Japanese lady playing Yuliya Snigir’s role from the movie. Then again, she has less of a hill to climb than her male counterpart — basically, she just needs to not look bad in the leather bodysuit, which, I’m happy to say, she doe snot.

John McClane Chocolate

Oh, why a chocolate John McClane? Duh. It’s because “A Good Day to Die Hard” opens today on Valentine’s Day, of course, and chicks love chocolate, or so I’ve been told.

Via : Kotaku