When Studios Re-Use Movie Posters, We All Lose

The boys over at Comingsoon has a new poster for Roland Emmerich’s “10,000 BC” movie, and it looks, well, it looks bloody familiar. With emphasis on the word “bloody”, of course, since this version of the poster looks a heck of a lot like one of the posters for Zack Snyder’s “300”. Of course, poster mimicking isn’t a new thing in the world of film, but when a big-budget movie apes another big-budget movie, it’s kind of a novelty.

You expect the cheapo B-movie producers to try to trick the occasional drunk movie renter into believing their cheapie flick sitting on the videostore shelf is that big movie currently showing in theaters, but the big studios? Don’t they have PR budgets for new, original posters?

Here’s the “10,000” BC poster (via) side by side with the “300” one it’s mimicking:


Of course this isn’t new. There were two other occasions when I caught the “homage” by the studios.

This “Rise” poster aped the “Underworld” poster:


And this “Hostage” poster aped the “Sin City” version (both with Bruce Willis!):


When movie studio PR people get lazy, what’s the point in believing in a Santa Claus?