Where in the Hell is Director Kern Saxton’s Sushi Girl?

A friend of mine brought director Kern Saxton’s action/thriller “Sushi Girl” to my attention upon discovering that it featured “The NeverEnding Story” star Noah Hathaway, a guy who hasn’t been in anything since 1994. Being a fan of both “The NeverEnding Story” and “Troll”, I was naturally excited. However, my excitement soon mutated into unbridled nerd glee upon learning that Danny Trejo, James Duval, Tony Todd, Mark Hamill, Michael Biehn, Jeff Fahey, and Sonny Chiba were also in the movie. Yes, that’s right — Sonny Chiba. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of this flick.

My mind was completely boggled.

Outside of a few articles from 2011 and a Twitter page that enjoys sporadic updates, there really isn’t a lot of information floating around out there about the picture. For the life of me, I can’t understand why. “Sushi Girl” sports one hell of a cast, and, judging from the trailer embedded below, the film appears to possess serious potential. So why isn’t anyone talking about this movie? Where are the countless blog spots written by film geeks who can’t wait for the flick’s release? Where’s the buzz? In theory, this thing should be all over the place.

Here’s what the film is about. Sounds cool enough, right? Have a look:

Fish has spent six years in jail. Six years alone. Six years keeping his mouth shut about the robbery, about the other men involved. The night he is released, the four men he protected with silence celebrate his freedom with a congratulatory dinner. The meal is a lavish array of sushi, served off the naked body of a beautiful young woman. The sushi girl seems catatonic, trained to ignore everything in the room, even if things become dangerous. Sure enough, the four unwieldy thieves can’t help but open old wounds in an attempt to find their missing loot.

So where in the hell is Kern Saxton’s “Sushi Girl”? I’d honestly like to see it, and given the cast, I’m sure others would, too. According to a website called Grizzly Bomb, the film is scheduled to make an appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, though nothing about the screening can be found anywhere on the official Twitter and Facebook pages.

Have any information about the flick? Feel free to let me know. Seriously — drop me a line. The email’s in my bio. If you’re curious about “Sushi Girl”, have a look at the trailer embedded below. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Huge thanks to Amanda for spotting this one.