Whispers of a Flash Movie Surfaces Yet Again

I think I speak for all the comic book geeks out there, when I say, Get off your collective asses Hollywood and give me my frakkin’ Flash movie already, ya mooks! Maybe someone’s finally listening, because according to IESB, Warner Bros. has given screenwriter Dan Mazeau another crack at a Flash movie. Why the change of heart? Apparently the WB was very impressed with Mazeau’s “Johnny Quest” script. Yes, that’s correct, they’re actually moving forward on a “Johnny Quest” movie, but can’t seem to get their shit together enough to give me a Flash movie. Priorities, WB, priorities, man!

Here’s what Flash producer Chuck Roven said about the script and the status of the movie:

You know, the problem… It’s not only a problem, I can’t really give you any information about The Flash. I can’t even confirm that Dan is on it. What I’m saying is, probably for about the last six months or so, the decision was made to really kind of, unless there was a DC character project that was ready to be green lit, to just not talk about it. So there’s nothing really that I can talk about at the moment.

Basically he’s confirming that Dan Mazeau either has or will be writing a script for a Flash movie, but after all the problems of getting the movie just into production in the past, they’re treading lightly. Luckily for Roven and us geeks, Ryan Reynolds, bar none the only actor who can pull off the role, is still young enough to wait another few years.

But dammit, give me my Flash movie already, Hollywood!

Below: The Flash can outrun even Death, but can he outrun the snail’s pace of Hollywood development hell?