Whitaker Out, 50 Cent in The Expendables

Because obviously when you think great acting talent, you think 50 Cent. Or as the kids call him in the alleyways and suburbs, “Fiddy Cent”. According to the blokes over at AICN, Stallone’s “The Expendables” has been pushed back a month, which unfortunately is one month too late for Forest Whitaker to do the movie as originally planned. Now Stallone has recast the Whitaker role with rapper turned actor 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson.

Says AICN:

Due to start delays which has put the shooting of THE EXPENDABLES back a month later than was initially thought… Forest Whitaker has had to pull out due to conflicts with prior engagements now… Anyway – it isn’t all gloom and doom. Because at the same time I heard this bit of bummer, I heard that Sly has also recast the role with 50 CENT!

Oh, relax, fanboys. It’s not like the role was going to win anyone an Oscar, and it’s also not as if Stallone is casting, say, Ludacris in the role. Jackson has already acted in more than one movie, and has shown actual acting chops in films like “Home of the Brave” and “Righteous Kill”.

Plus, look, if Stallone runs out of prop guns, he can always ask Fiddy to loan him a couple of assault rifles. Dude comes prepared, gangstas!