Who Else Besides Loki Will Menace The Avengers? Find Out! SPOILERS

If you’re a daily reader of this site, or heck, any movie site, then you probably already know that Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers” won’t be fighting The Hulk in their first big screen outing (as they did in the comics), but instead will be facing the menace of Loki, Thor’s evil adopted brother.

This has been officially confirmed when Marvel released their “Avengers” press release at the start of production last month, with Tom Hiddleston prominently mentioned as returning, and there was that “Thor” easter egg scene to drive the point home in case you didn’t believe it. Yes, Loki will continue to menace Thor and the Avengers.

And of course, there were those rumors that the alien race known as the Skrulls would be invading Earth in “The Avengers”. Forget about it, it’s not a rumor — it’s pretty much true. At least, I haven’t heard/read anyone refuting this bit yet. From everything I’ve read, the Skrulls will indeed be attempting an invasion of the planet, as they are keen to do in the Marvel Universe. No word, though, on whether they’ll be making use of their shape-shifting abilities, but that seems likely given that it’s one of their biggest weapons.

But wait! There is actually a THIRD villain!

Latino Review, who have been pretty damn solid with their “Avengers” sources thus far, has another major news about yet another “Avengers” villain. I have to admit, you sort of saw this one coming given all the clues from “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger”.

The other villain that the Avengers will have to contend with, besides the Skrulls invasion and Loki manipulating everything in the background?

How about THANOS.

Oh come on, when you saw the Infinity Gauntlet sitting in Odin’s chamber, you sort of knew, right? Plus, the Cosmic Cube will play a huge role in the Red Skull’s schemes in “Captain America”. When cosmic weapons are involved, Thanos of Titan is usually smack dab in the middle of it.

More about Thanos from Wikipedia for the uninitiated:

Debuting in the Bronze Age of comic books, the character has featured in over three decades of Marvel continuity and a self-titled series. The character’s name is a derivation of Thanatos, the personification of death and mortality in Greek mythology. One of his more prominent storylines to date—the Infinity Gauntlet series—portrayed him as a mad cosmic tyrant bent on slaying half of all sentiences existing then in Marvel’s multiverse in order to appease the Marvel Universe’s actual (and more powerful) embodied personification of Death in an attempt to win its love. Thanos has consistently recurred as a powerful villain, and has been featured across nearly Marvel’s entire product line, including animated television series; arcade and video games; toys and trading cards.

If you’ve never read the “Infinity Gauntlet” storyline by Jim Starlin, you’re missing out on some insanely good cosmic storytelling. Unfortunately, they couldn’t leave well enough alone, and it was followed by a bunch of lame sequels, but hey, that’s comic books for ya.

LR wouldn’t say how Thanos figures into “The Avengers”, just that he does. But given that the movie is already stuffed with villains (the Skrulls invasion itself should take up a huge chunk of the storyline), Thanos may not have all that big of a role … THIS time around. Who knows in a sequel?