Who is Gamble and Who Will Play him in The Dark Knight?

The answer to the first question is: He’s a Batman villain. The answer to the second question is: Maybe David Banner. MTV has an article about how rapper/actor David Banner (the guy was such a comic book fan that he named himself after the character David Bruce Banner, the human alter ego of the Incredible Hulk) just auditioned for this mysterious role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming “Batman Begins” sequel, “The Dark Knight”. It’s probably going to be a small part, considering how no one has ever heard of the character before. (The only “Gamble” I know is a villain in the Dark Horse comic book “X”, and he was a white guy.) And of course, considering that The Joker (Heath Ledger) is the main villain, and I think Nolan is probably too smart to go all “Spider-Man 3” on us.

While the news that he’s being considered is a big one for Banner himself, the larger story must be the presence of this mysterious “Gamble” character. Various searches on the Internet, as well as a call to the beloved fellow geeks at L.A.’s Golden Apple Comics, yielded little more than the consensus that this Batman baddie has never appeared in a Dark Knight comic before.

I’m thinking David Banner is just a really smart guy who wants to make a move on Hollywood, and called up MTV to tell them about his big audition. Smart move, but hey, “The Dark Knight” is such a high profile subject, any news is worthwhile news.