Who Watches the Watchmen Character Posters?

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Yes, I know, you’re sick and tired of me, and every other movie site out there, using the phrase “Who Watches the Watchmen’s [Insert Latest Watchmen Promo Crap Here]” tagline in our headers. So what of it? You gonna make something of it? Let’s get it on, then! Anyhoo. The latest Warner Bros. goodies involve these latest Watchmen character posters, showing various characters in their quietest, private moments. For Doctor Manhattan, it’s meditating buck nekkid in what looks like a janitor’s room; for the Comedian it’s taking out someone from a window with a sniper rifle; and for Nite Owe II it’s trying to figure out how to wash his tights. You may think washing tights is an easy proposition, but you’d be oh-so-wrong, Mister Wrongie.

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Watchmen Character Posters

Watchmen Character Posters

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