Who will be directing The Last Man?

y2(Article by Tom G.) Y: The Last Man is one of my favourite comic book series. Written by Brian K. Vaughan, it’s an entertaining romp with some terrific characters and a wonderful set-up. It’s not exactly intellectually engaging, but at the very least it’s an incredibly fun story. The basic premise is:

Suddenly – and without warning – a mysterious plague kills every living creature on the planet with a Y chromosone…in other words, no more men! Except one. Amateur escape artist Yorick Brown has somehow survived. It’s now a very different world, and his unique status is far from privileged. If they can’t exploit Yorick, the new world powers may just decide his usefulness is at an end!

Now after many rumours, a director has finally been attached to bring this series to the big screen. His name is D.J. Caruso, and his last film was the surprise hit Disturbia, a film which I wasnt blown away by, but found it to be a compotent thriller. But the most interesting part about this news, is that Disturbia‘s star, Shia LeBeouf recently expressed his interest in playing the lead role Yorick if Y: The Last Man ever got adapted.

Either he has ridiculously good timing, or it’s more than meets the eye  (well I just had to do a Transformers reference…). This isn’t the worst idea I’ve heard, and considering Shia is universally loved at the moment, it could certainly work, if this is the plan. My only concern like any graphic novel adaptation is the size of the source material. Will they condense 9 books (10 once it’s finished) into one movie, or will they plan a series? Either way, I’ve been tortured many times before with adaptations of comics, so I can only hope they get this one right.


Via : THR