Why is Hawkman Following Batman Around on the Streets of New York?

Michael Keaton on the set of Birdman (2014) Movie Image

Oh wait, that’s not Batman! That’s just a 61-year old Michael Keaton on the New York set of his new comedy “Birdman”. Nope, it’s not a superhero/comic book movie, though in the film Keaton’s character apparently does play a superhero on TV. Well, a long time ago. So what’s he up to now?

According to an official synopsis:

A washed up actor [that would be Keaton] who once played an iconic superhero must overcome his ego and family trouble as he prepares to mount a Broadway play in a bid to reclaim past glory.

And apparently the “iconic superhero” he once played (who also happens to look like D.C. Comics’ Hawkman if you ask me) is back and bothering him. Probably as a hallucination or some such. Then at one point Keaton ends up flying. Or imagines himself flying. Weird.

“Birdman” is from Mexican writer/director Alejandro González Iñárritu, who is known primarily for gritty dramas like “Babel”, “Amores Perros”, and “21 Grams”.

The film has a pretty impressive cast that includes Emma Stone, Zach Galifianakis, Edward Norton, Naomi Watts, Andrea Riseborough, Amy Ryan and Benjamin Kanes, and is set for sometime in 2014.

Head over to the Daily Mail for even more pics from the set of “Birdman”.

Michael Keaton on the set of Birdman (2014) Movie Image

Set of Birdman (2014) Movie Image

Michael Keaton on the set of Birdman (2014) Movie Image