Why is Steven Soderbergh Doing 2nd Unit Work on The Hunger Games?

Short answer: Cause he can.

Long answer: Because “Hunger Games” director Gary Ross, a longtime friend of Soderbergh’s, asked him, apparently.

The Playlist reports that rumors of Soderbergh showing up on the “Hunger Games” set to do 2nd unit work for Ross are very much true, and is not entirely surprising given, we’re told, that Soderbergh is a man who can’t stand sitting still and needs to be in constant motion. That’s a bit of a surprise, given that the prolific director of the “Ocean’s” movies plans to retire from filmmaking after a couple of more films. Wonder what he’s going to be doing with all that free time? Help liberate Cuba? … Again?

For those keeping track at home, Soderbergh has already wrapped “Contagion” and “Haywire”, both set for release this year, and is due to make a male stripper movie based on the life of Channing Tatum (I shit you not) and has a Liberace biopic in the works. Cause, hell, who doesn’t want a Liberace biopic? I know I can’t go a day without demanding one, dammit.

“The Hunger Games” from Lionsgate is scheduled to open March 23, 2012, and Soderbergh’s participation will probably not be very noticeable to most moviegoers. Film snobs, though, will no doubt be eyeballing every scene from the movie looking for Soderbergh’s “signature” so they can brag about it at Starbucks later, as they are wont to do.

Jennifer Lawrence stars in the futuristic dystopian tale along with Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Josh Hutcherson, and Elizabeth Banks. Here are a couple of images from the film in case you missed them the first time around: