Why Wasn’t This Offered in College? The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair

If there’s one thing I love to discuss with the masses, it’s Nicolas Cage. Were someone to push the issue and ask what, specifically, I enjoy the most about Nicolas Cage, I would immediately say his hair. Good or bad, the man’s head is infinitely fascinating, and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about the righteous ‘do he sported in the lofty Hollywood remake of “Bangkok Dangerous”. The mind boggles. In order to better understand the perplexing mystery that is Nicolas Cage’s quaff, I offer up a surprisingly well-crafted montage chronicling the versatile actor’s hairy history. The damn thing is endlessly amusing, and makes for a swell conversation piece amongst those who have absolutely nothing better to talk about. Like me, for instance.

Via FilmDrunk