Wield That Hammer! Thor: The Video Game Teaser Trailer

Quickie (and invariably shitty) games based on big-budget Hollywood movies are as common nowadays as fanboys finding something to complain about even the best genre movie. With Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor” set to launch next year, Marvel and Sega have smashed their heads together and come up with “Thor: The Video Game”. Okay, maybe they didn’t spent all that much time on the title, but do they ever?

The 3rd person action adventure game boasts an original storyline from Marvel writer Matt Fraction, who also serves as story consultant on the game. Check out the teaser trailer shown at Comic Con below. It’s really not much, just a lot of hammer time (get it?), and a quick shot of Thor’s backside.

“Thor: The Video Game” is due out next year on the Xbox 360, PlayStation3, PSP, Wii and Nintendo DS. Basically, if you have a gaming system, you’ll be able to wield Mjölnir like a champ. Or a chump if you’re a big fat weakling.