Will Angelina Jolie Join Brad Pitt and Darren Aronofsky to Fight The Tiger?

That’s the word from The Playlist, who got the word from “The Tiger” writer Guillermo Arriaga, who blabbed the news during an interview.

Besides indicating that Jolie will be co-starring in the true story alongside her house buddy Brad Pitt, the writer also says that location scoutings by Aronofsky and Pitt are set for later this year, which would seem to indicate that Aronofsky may make “The Tiger” his next directing gig post-“Black Swan”.

Or not. At this point, does anyone know what the hell Aronofsky is going to do, or even wants to do? The guy’s name has been slapped around every project in Hollywood at the moment, including a couple of big-time superhero projects.

In any case, “The Tiger” is a true story set in 1997, and follows an animal activist (Pitt) who must protect the small Siberian town he is in when a tiger begins attacking its inhabitants. So if Jolie does join the cast, it would make sense, since she’s already knee-deep in her own Serbian-set movie over there anyways, so the couple may have just decided to make a family “outing” of it, as it were.