Will Bond 23 be the Property of a Lady?

Bond movie titles are always good for a laugh. So what’s the title for the upcoming Bond 23? How about “Property of a Lady”, based on another Ian Fleming short story? It’s all speculation at this point, of course, but that’s according to information gathered by the site Earth’s Mightiest. According to the site, previous rumors that had Rachel Weisz playing the lead bad girl in the sequel is also correct, with Bond once again taking on the long-reaching arms of the Quantum organization.

Here’s the supposed premise of Bond 23 aka “Property of a Lady”:

“They turn the usual Bond story upside down. Typically 007 chases a megalomaniac and restrains him from taking over world domination in the end. This time Bond has to learn just in the beginning that Quantum already has world domination. That also defines the title: The property of this lady is the whole world. And of course Quantum does it’s best to go to war against Bond and MI6, with disturbing means. “They really shock the audience this time”, the source said. This film will be the swan song for Judi Dench’s M. One of the screenplay’s topics is supposed to be genetic engineering and the swine flu.”

Swine flu? That’s so 2009.

I always thought Rachel Weisz would make a pretty great English villain. She always looked very capable of playing the cold-blooded manipulator to me, and if her role in Bond 23 holds up, that appears to be exactly what she’ll play.

In the meantime, let’s hope Sam Mendes does away with all that aping Bourne stuff. Bond should be Bond, not Bourne Lite. It should be Bourne who tries to be more like Bond, not the other way around. Have some self-respect, Bond creators.

That's right, Bond, flee from your Bourne past, flee like the wind!