Will Charlize Theron Hunt Snow White and Tom Hardy?

With Tom Hardy officially “circling” (which I guess is not really official; or is it?), now word has Charlize Theron also “circling” the same project, with an eye towards playing the evil Queen who sends Hardy’s Huntsman character to kill the lovely Snow White.

The studio was originally hoping that Angelina Jolie would be interested in the role of Ravenna, the evil Queen in the movie, but it’s looking like she might be a tad busy with her Serbian love story directorial debut.

Instead, Charlize Theron may step in for her, essentially reuniting with her “Fury Road” co-star Tom Hardy now that their film has been postponed by George Miller for at least a year. Or maybe they’re secretly seeing each other and this is just an excuse? I’m just sayin’…

“Snow White and the Huntsman” is expected to start shooting sometine in early 2011 under first-time director Rupert Sanders.