Will Christopher Nolan Actually Pass on Batman Begins 3?

Probably not, but man, it sure seems to be taking him a long time to commit to the sequel already. So long, in fact, that the fanboys on the Internet are abuzz with the non-commitment. According to the blokes over at Batman-on-Film, whose sole job is to track all things Batman-related (thus the name), it took the combined might of Nolan’s brother Jonathan and writer David Goyer just to convince Nolan to return for “The Dark Knight”. And now a year has almost passed since that movie opened to huge box office, and still no signs that Nolan even wants to do another Batman movie. So what gives?

Word from BOF‘s industry sources (nice to have one of those) is that Nolan is not only NOT signed on to a third Batman movie, but he’s not even close to signing. Which means Warner Bros. has begun to make a short list of directors (Zack Snyder is apparently one of them) that could possibly step in and replace Nolan should he ultimately decline to return behind the camera for the sequel, which, at this point, may not arrive until 2013, with the earliest, best-case-scenario being 2012.

Speaking of the sequel, apparently although there is no story yet, though word is the Nolans are indeed hatching ideas with David Goyer, who has written both films. Also, the Joker is rumored to make a return, though that seems highly unlikely given Heath Ledger’s death. Although I suppose it could just be a cameo, because let’s face it, as great as the Joker was in “The Dark Knight”, without Ledger, it just would feel … wrong.

But anyways, that’s your “Batman Begins 3” news as it currently stands: No Nolan yet; maybe Joker; Warners creating short list of directors “just in case”; don’t hold your breath for 2012.

At this point, Nolan’s primary focus seems to be on getting his sci-fi actioner “Inception” made with Leonardo DiCaprio. Word is, the movie is going to be huge, including a massive price tag of $200 million or thereabouts.

Below: “Maybe if I hide back here and stay really quiet the fanboys won’t find me. Hee hee. Stupid fanboys.”