Will Colin Farrell Totally Recall it for Len Wiseman’s Reboot?

He’s already been in one Philip K. Dick-based movie (remember “Minority Report”?), and now reports have Colin Farrell stepping into the Arnold Schwarzenegger role in a remake of the Governator’s “Total Recall”, which has Len Wiseman already attached to direct. Word is that Farrell is at the very top of Columbia’s short list of possible actors to headline their sci-fi remake.

The original movie, from 1990, is set in the far future and starred Schwarzenegger as an Everyman (who happens to look like a former Mr. Universe, natch) who discovers that he may or may not be a secret agent from Mars on a deadly mission. The film was directed by Paul Verhoeven, and co-starred a then “Basic Instincts”-less Sharon Stone.

“Total Recall” the movie was based on a story by noted sci-fi author Philip K. Dick called “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”. Apparently “Recall” was “loosely” based on “Remember”, while Wiseman’s version will be more faithful to the source material. Which is interesting if true. Hey, at least it won’t be just a straight-up retread, right? The notoriously hit and miss Kurt Wimmer (“Equilibrium”) is penning the script.

After ditching Hollywood for the indie scene in the last few years, Farrell recently came back into the Hollywood fold with the “Fright Night” remake, where he plays a charismatic vampire.