Will George Clooney Go G.I. Joe as Duke?

I don’t doubt that the people trying to get the G.I. Joe movie made is looking to get George Clooney to play Duke in their movie, now that it seems as if Mark Wahlberg’s involvement has not panned out. But I very highly doubt that Clooney will even consider the movie. For one, George is fast approaching 50, and all of his works so far have been breezy comedies with his A-List Hollywood pals and ultra serious political movies like “Michael Clayton” and “Syriana”. I very much doubt that Clooney would throw all that prestige he’s built up to star in a movie based on a toy franchise about nationalistic soldiers battling “Cobra” terrorists. I mean, come on, think about it, how would George work in criticizing America on its foreign policies into something like that?

But in any case, here’s the word from IESB that Clooney has been offered the role:

Rumor is that one of the reasons [George Clooney] walked away from Joe Carnahan’s White Jazz was not only due to scheduling conflicts but also because he is looking for a blockbuster to star in. The word in the Hollywood grapevine is Clooney has been offered a role in GI Joe and it’s the character of Duke.

As of right now, we don’t know if he’s accepted it or even considered it but it’s been offered all the same. Now hold up, I know what you’re thinking, Clooney? Really? Come on…he wore nipples on his Batsuit for Christ’s sake.

But, the IESB has been on top of GI Joe announcements including exclusively breaking first that Stephen Sommers would be directing and that writer Stuart Beattie had been brought on board. So, yes, take it with a grain of salt but this is coming from our trusty Joe source who hasn’t let us down yet!

Never gonna happen.

Will George Clooney Go G.I. Joe as Duke?