Will James McAvoy Be Bond, James Bond?

Another biopic is on the way, this time featuring the life and good times of James Bond writer Ian Fleming. The scuttlebutt is that Scotsman James McAvoy (Wanted) a fine lad, is attached to play the man behind 007 in a film strangely titled “Ian Fleming”.

Ian Fleming led an interesting life to say the least. Born a rich kid, Ian went on to leave the wicked sounding Black Watch (3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland) to join Royal Navy Intelligence where he confounded the Nazi menace at every turn including leading Operation Goldeneye (the protection of Gibraltar). He basically died young at 56 after a life of wine, women,song and secret agent style danger. Oh yes and he also was a writer of some note. The movie will be based on the book, Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond written by Andrew Lycett. Could be a great movie. I think James is probably a great choice. Thanks Pajiba for the scoop.