Will Javier Bardem Menace 007 in James Bond 23?

Apparently when they heard that Ron Howard and company had offered the role of The Gunslinger to Javier Bardem instead of Christian Bale and Viggo Mortensen, the people behind the upcoming Bond 23 movie took notice, because word is that the producers of the Bond flick have offered Bardem a “starring role” in the upcoming movie. It’s good to be wanted in Hollywood.

Of course we all know that Daniel Craig is coming back as Bond, which would mean Bardem is playing … the villain? You can’t exactly call a sidekick role a “starring role”, and besides, Jeffrey Wright’s got dibs on the sidekick via Felix Leiter, who just gets better and better with every movie. And so, the common consensus among the Interwebs folks is that Bardem has been offered the Big Bad in Bond 23.

Will he accept it? That would probably depend on how juicy the role is. And even so, this is probably (most likely) a one-off role, whereas with “The Dark Tower” he has a potential franchise. Of course, which role he takes will probably depend on how much he wants to commit to one franchise. We shall see how this all shakes out in the coming days.

What we do know is this: the still untitled Bond 23 is set for a November 9, 2012 release with Sam Mendes directing.