Will Jeremy Renner Front the New Bourne Franchise, Too? That’s Mission Impossible!

This bit of gossip comes to you courtesy of LatinoReview, who reiterates in their post that this is not an April’s Joke, which means it’s not, since referencing the joke day in your April’s Fool joke is, like, totally unethical and whatnot. In any case, according to the boys, they’ve heard that writer/director Tony Gilroy, who will be helming “The Bourne Legacy” for Universal Pictures, originally wanted Oscar Isaacs (one of the few boys of Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch”) to be his new Bourne, but Universal nipped that idea, and instead has offered the role to … Jeremy Renner.

Which is interesting, because it’s not like Renner doesn’t currently have his hands full. He’s already being groomed to take over the “Mission Impossible” franchise, and he’s got a lot of Marvel movies in his future, including a major stint in “The Avengers”. Of course, the Marvel stuff wouldn’t require a lot of time on his part, so in effect he only has one major franchise in his future, the “M:I” one. So yeah, I could see him easily taking on the “Bourne” franchise as well.

Let’s sum it all up: Universal is offering the role to Renner, but he hasn’t committed yet, though it’s sounding like it’s his if he wants it.

What do you think? Is Renner a viable replacement for Matt Damon as the new Bourne? (Note: he won’t actually be replacing Damon as Bourne in the franchise, but rather playing a new character in the vein of Bourne.) I actually would rather see him in a “Bourne” role than the stunt-a-second “Mission: Impossible” franchise myself.