Will Melissa George Return for 30 Days of Night Sequel? Probably Not.

If “30 Days of Night” creator Steve Niles has his way, he would really, really like to have Melissa George back to reprise her role as Stella Oleson in the sequel to the movie version of “30 Days”. Hey, he can dream, can’t he? Of course, the chances of George returning for the sequel is slim; not just because it’s a sequel to a moderate hit movie, but because the sequel, from all appearances, will be going direct-to-DVD, and what Hollywood agent/manager worth his salt is going to allow his client, who has a burgeoning movie career, to fall into the depths of direct-to-DVD hell?

“30 Days of Night: Dark Days” would find Stella, now a published author, traveling the United States with a gang of vampire killers trying to lure the undead out of the darkness by exposing their existence. The movie sequel would follow that general premise of the Niles’ comics.

Obviously it would be nice to have George back in the role, especially since her character was one of the few people to survive the original film’s slaughter, and the cast of “Dark Days” will be pretty much consist of all new faces. According to Niles, with shooting on the sequel set to start sometime this month up in Vancouver, they are “actively” pursuing George to return.

Maybe she can grab a couple of weeks off from “Grey’s Anatomy”, where she’s a regular. God knows there’s nothing on that monstrosity of a show worth spending too much of one’s life on.

So, Josh, you think I should come back? Hey, I'm talking to you here.

So, Josh, you think I should come back? Hey, I'm talking to you here.