Will Natalie Portman Play the World’s Shortest Astronaut?

Yes, if she accepts Warner Bros. and Alfonso Cuaron’s offer to play the female lead in Cuaron’s 3D space survival movie “Gravity”. Now that Jolie has said No to the movie twice, Cuaron and the studio are desperate to find a bankable leading lady for his movie, which makes the offer to Portman curious. She’s not exactly bankable, is she? Then again, sans Jolie, who is nowadays?

The diminutive Portman (all 5’3″ of her) gets the offer while currently doing the meet-and-greet rounds in Europe with Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan”, a psychological thriller that has Portman playing a tortured ballerina who may or may not be haunted by a demon, and who may or may not be doing some groping with Mila Kunis. The role has Portman being whispered as a potential Oscar candidate. No such whispering for Portman’s co-star Kunis, though, though I hear the demon that may or may not exist in the movie is getting rave reviews.

If Portman signs on to the $80 million dollar “Gravity”, she’ll be joining “Iron Man” himself, Robert Downey Jr., who has been onboard for some time now. But since the movie is primarily centered on the female lead, an astronaut who must survive her trip to the space station after the rest of her crew are wiped out by space debris, casting the woman is vitally important. It’s sort of like “Castaway”, but with space junk.

Cuaron will direct from a script by he and his son Jonas.

'Don't sweat it, boys, I got this. Die, space junk!'