Will Smith is Already Promoting Men in Black 3D

Heat Vision has a video of Will Smith already out and about promoting the third installment in the “Men in Black” series. It’s not much, but in case you were actually wondering if Smith would sign on after the lackluster second movie, you can stop wondering now. The last film, despite sleepwalking through its paces, made $441 million worldwide, and it’s been eight long years since it debuted. Columbia/Sony and Will Smith figures it’s time you got another taste of Smith in shades — this time in 3D.

The “blurry” quality in the video? Apparently that’s because you’re supposed to be wearing 3D glasses while watching it. So yeah, if you thought Will Smith’s ears were huge now, wait until you see them in 3D. It’ll be like watching Dumbo flying at you. Heh.

(Cause, you know, they both have huge honkin’ ears? Ahem.)