Will Smith is Probably Not Doing I am Legend Sequel. I Think.

Will Smith in I am Legend (2007) Movie ImageWill Smith says he’s probably not doing the sequel to “I am Legend” if and when Warner Bros. finally gets it going. Maybe. Frankly, his answers to the question is somewhat contradictory. Of course, the studio has been “working” on the sequel/prequel for some time now, and have yet to get it up and running, so maybe the whole topic is moot.

In a review interview, Smith was asked about the possibility of sequels to his past movies, including “I am Legend”. According to Smith:

Producers are working on it. I’m not actually working on it. If it’s great, I’m into it.

Wait, what? So does that mean he’s willing to do it if it’s “great”?

Maybe not. He goes on to say, when asked if he’d be willing to return as Robert Neville, the hero of the Francis Lawrence-directed adaptation of the Richard Matheson novel:

Probably not.

So, yeah, sounds like he wasn’t quite sure about the sequel, whether he would be in it or not. Sounds like the interview sprung the question on him and Smith wasn’t sure about his answers.

Obviously they could easily do a sequel with Smith — by making it a prequel. Or they could reasonably do a straight sequel to 2007’s “I am Legend” — by coming up with some nonsense reason why/how Neville is still alive after that, er, grenade incident. Hey, it’s a movie about vampires, are you really going to quibble too much about its “logic”?

Of course, Warner Bros. wouldn’t have to worry about HOW to do a sequel if they had just used this alternate ending for the movie…

Via : Blastr