Will Smith to Tell the Vampiric Legend Of Cain

Big Willy knows what the kids like, and nowadays, the kids like vampires. So Big Willy aka Will Smith will be returning to the world of vampires (he already fought them off once in “I am Legend”) by starring in “The Legend of Cain”, which will focus on the legendary Cain of the bible, except this time with a vampiric twist. You know, the first murderer and all that. It’s unclear where the vampire angle will fit in there — maybe Cain is the vampire, or Able, forcing Cain to kill him. Or they could possibly turn Cain into the first vampire slayer. The possibilities are endless, as they say.

Smith will of course also produce the film with his wife, Jada. And keeping it in the family even further, “The Legend of Cain” is an original script from Caleeb Pinkett (little brother of Jada) and Dan Knauf and Andrea Berloff.

Smith’s big producing credit is this year’s “The Karate Kid” remake, which stars Smith’s kid Jaden and has grossed $210 million worldwide from a measly $40 million dollar budget so far. The film still has a ways to go, and should make even more before it lands on DVD.

Meanwhile, Smith’s also got “Men in Black 3” scheduled with the old crew.

Oh that Cain, always using the ol knee to the balls trick.