Will Smith Updates Oldboy Remake: Nothing Yet

The last time we heard anything about the proposed Will Smith/Steven Spielberg remake of the South Korean actioner “Oldboy” it was mid-November of last year, and that was the announcement that Mark Protosevich (who also penned Smith’s “I am Legend”) was currently in talks to work on the adaptation. Now according to Will Smith himself, nothing has happened with the sequel as yet, and it’s looking like the two Hollywood powerhouses are taking it pretty slowly. Are they getting shy about the subject matter, perhaps?

Says Big Willy to MTV:

“It’s the thing that Steven was attracted to,” Smith told MTV News. “We’re working from the comic and we haven’t done anything other than talk about it. So we’ll see what happens, but he’s not going to do anything that would be less than stunning.”

Obviously for anyone who has seen the original, the South Korean movie’s big twist is a whopper, and might turn a couple of stomachs in an American audience. It remains to be seen if Spielberg really does have the “stomach” to go through with it. Or, hell, Will Smith for that matter. Sure, it’ll generate a lot of publicity, but it might not be the kind Smith wants at this point in his career.

Then again, maybe if we all hold our breaths real hard, Smith and Spielberg will forget about it, and the remake will die? One can only hope.

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