Will Smith’s Son NOT the Karate Kid?

Wait, so Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith is NOT going to be the male lead in the upcoming “Karate Kid” remake? Apparently so, or at least according to Pr-Inside, who doesn’t really quote anyone you could call “credible”. According to the site, Smith won’t just be producing the remake, but he’ll also be directing it as well! Now I don’t know about that. Why would Smith direct a remake of an ’80s movie? Even if he was to make it his directorial debut, I mean. It’s not the kind of film a superstar actor chooses to direct. They usually start with something small, something personal, and make their way up to the potential blockbusters. Then again, maybe it’s all true — but I doubt it.


Actor WILL SMITH has denied reports his nine-year-old son JADEN will be taking the lead role in an upcoming remake of 1984 movie THE KARATE KID.

Smith’s production company Overbrook Entertainment is making the new film, which will be directed by the Hollywood superstar himself.

But speculation the Men In Black star’s boy will take on the lead role, which Ralph Macchio played in the original, are “not true”, according to a spokesman for dad Will.

Smith teamed up with Jaden when the two played father and son in the movie The Pursuit Of Happyness.

Eh, I don’t know. I liked the original movie, but I’m not attached to it or anything. I actually liked the sequel better, the one where they went to Okinawa. So sue me.

I’m still wondering who they’ll get to play Mister Miyagi, though. May I suggest — Jackie Chan? (Then later Jackie can write on his blog about what a crappy movie it was. Wouldn’t that be neat?)


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