Will the Baddest Mofo Strike Again? Black Dynamite Sequel Talk

Michael Jai White, the star/co-writer of “Black Dynamite”, thinks it’s time the cracker world gets another taste of the baddest mofo to ever walk the Earth — that’s Black Dynamite in case you don’t already know.

While out promoting “Black Dynamite” in the UK, White talked about what he envisions for the “Black Dynamite” sequel. The last time we saw Dynamite, he had busted up the Honkey House and took down The Man himself. So what’s next for our hero?

I’ve had the idea for Black Dynamite 2 for quite a while now, and it’s gonna start where Black Dynamite left off — there’s lots of things we didn’t get a chance to do in the first one. You know how Black Dynamite just grows in ridiculousness? Well, this will be a fitting sequel.

Despite the film’s limited release (it’s only made $242,000 in theatrical grosses), “Dynamite” has apparently gotten a lot of cult love on DVD. I couldn’t really find any real solid numbers on how the film has done on DVD, but it’s apparently enough for White to be seriously giving thought to doing a sequel.

It’s got this cult thing going on for sure. There are theatres in the US that have committed to showing it for an entire year and there are people showing up to screenings in 70s regalia, quoting lines from the movie, which makes us quite proud. It feels really great to be called Black Dynamite, because that’s something I created.

What are the chances of a “Black Dynamite” sequel actually happening? Pretty good, unless THE MAN tries to stop it.

Dang, why the man always be trying to kill a brotha?