Will The Nova Corp. Appear in The Guardians of the Galaxy Movie?

Nova Comic Book

If what Marvel chief Kevin Feige says is true (and why wouldn’t it be? he runs the place, after all) that “95%” of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie will take place in outer space, then I guess it stands to reason it might introduce a group of space cops aka the Nova Corp (and possibly even Nova himself), even as possible major supporting characters?

For those who don’t know, the Nova Corp. is essentially the Marvel Universe version of D.C.’s the Green Lantern Corp., except instead of power rings, they wear funky helmets with a star on top and blast around space like a comet. Nova (aka The Human Rocket) is the Earth Nova Corpsman — basically Hal Jordan.

So, where is all this Nova in “Guardians of the Galaxy” stuff coming from? Well, EW’s Geoff Boucher dropped the possibility of Nova appearing in “Guardians” in a big article that features an interview with the writers of the upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Nova” comic book re-launches. In the article, Boucher sorta nonchalantly dropped this tidbit:

Even if [the] Guardians film doesn’t have [Iron Man], it may have a hero masked in gleaming metal — Nova, the cosmic protector who was first introduced during the Carter administration but is now getting a fresh revision with Nova No. 1…

His reference to Iron Man is because ol Shellhead joins the Guardians of the Galaxy in the relaunched comic book. Why? I dunno, maybe because they needed to mix things up a bit to justify the whole relaunching angle, would be my guess.

Meanwhile, AICN also got themselves a separate scoop that tells them that the Nova Corp. will definitely be making an appearance in the movie (but not necessarily Nova himself). Citing an anonymous source, AICN’s Harry Knowles writes:

Late yesterday I was contacted by a source instructing me to call him, The Moffballs, telling me that after they had a dinner with a friend that is a confirmed part of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s production team, that the friend let it slip over the meal that NOVA CORPS were definitely a part of the movie.

Then Knowles points to this old artwork for the movie that was released by Marvel a while back when they originally announced the movie, and I’ll be damn if those stars in the background don’t look like the Nova Corps. logo:

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Movie Concept Team Artwork

Here’s a closer look at those stars floating in the background (click to enlarge):

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Movie Concept Artwork

And now, the Nova Corp. helmet logos from the comics:

Nova Corp. Comic Book


By the way, I’ve been wanting a “Nova” movie for years, so yes, I am very happy with this news (if it turns out to be true, that is).