Willis and Fiddy’s Set Up Adds a Phillippe and a Dewan

Looks like things are moving on Bruce Willis and rapper .50 Cent’s latest actioner, “Set Up”, which today announces two new cast additions: “Way of the Gun’s” Ryan Phillippe (I know, he’s done a ton of movies since “Way of the Gun”, but “Gun” remains the only movie of his that I’ve liked, so I’ll keep mentioning it if you don’t mind) and “Step Up” babe Jenna Dewan (below), who is apparently now going by Jenna Dewan Tatum to let people know she’s off the market and married to that guy from “G.I. Joe”.

“Set Up” revolves around a group of friends who are catapulted into the middle of a diamond heist that turns deadly.

No idea what role the two fresh faces will play, but it’s probably a good bet Phillippe is one of the “group of friends” and Dewan is playing one of their girlfriends. The real mystery is who Willis will play, though given his “heavy” status, I’m guessing he’s not one of the “friends”.

Mike Gunther is directing from a script by he and Mike Behrman.