Wimpy Kid Sucker Punches Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch


It looks like overwhelmingly negative word of mouth (or just overwhelmingly indifference beyond the Snyder fanbase) to Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch” didn’t do the film any favors. After taking Friday just barely over Fox’s “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” sequel, Snyder’s movie faltered over the weekend, with “Wimpy Kid” overcoming its Friday loss to overtake the weekend box office with an estimated $24.4 million.

“Sucker Punch”, meanwhile, landed in second place in its debut with $19 million after a first-place Friday finish of $8 million. When you come right down to it, anyone who wanted to see “Sucker Punch” saw it on Friday, and everyone else opted for the kid/family entertainment movie instead on Saturday and Sunday.

The soft opening for the girl-fantasy-heavy flick (in more ways than one, ahem) is particularly disappointing given its estimated $80-plus production budget. Of course, it’s an action movie with obscene amounts of visual pizazz, so the film’s foreign grosses may make up for its Stateside box office limp. Then again, I thought the same about Snyder’s “Watchmen”, and that didn’t happen, either.

Better luck with Superman, Zack.

'Ha! I told you girls have cooties! See?'

Author: Nix

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  • justjoe

    The same problem as with “Watchmen”. There is no audience for this kind of movie. Girls wourld rather see a 90 minute justin bieber concert or some romantic crap with a lot of crying and dancing and vampires (I´m waiting for the first Bollywood-remakes to hit the screens worldwide), the normal guys are to embarrassed to watch a big screen manga flick with an all chick cast and the nerds are just waiting for the DVD-release. So, there´s nothing to win at the box office for “Sucker Punch”.

    • Brian

      There’s nothing to this movie. The fact that this effects heavy movie is doing terrible makes me raise a very skeptical eyebrow and say “Is there actually hope for mankind? Do they actually want to see something that has substance, or at least something more than the nothing that is Sucker Punch?” I can describe it any way other than that…there just isn’t anything to Sucker Punch.
      I’m a guy, my buddy’s a guy that I saw it with, and the 6 or 7 people from his film class that went…all of us weren’t “afraid” to see a movie with an all chick cast. That’s certainly not why people aren’t seeing the movie. If anything, that would draw MORE guys in. Mindless violence/effects/chicks in almost no clothing? I don’t understand how that equals guys not being interested.
      There were 2 guys sitting beside us that kept talking throughout the movie and judging from that and what they were talking about before the movie started…I had to facepalm at how big of nerds they were before I told them to shut up. I don’t think nerds are staying away from this movie either.
      Again it comes down to there not being anything to it.

      • justjoe

        There are a lot of movies that have not going for it (like the whole Spoof-genre, that Twillight-crap and so on) and there´s still an audience for it, spending money for it at the theaters.

  • Qklilx

    Watchmen didn’t make it overseas, at least in Asia, because of the word of mouth about the giant blue cock.

  • justjoe

    Guess, they should made him yellow for better distribution. ;-)

  • imrickjamesbitch

    Personally I was looking forward to Sucker Punch since word had got out that Zack Snyder was working on the project. Saw the first trailer and wanted to see more, my girlfriend thought it looked like a really cool movie. Then there came a short clip of the film and the dialogue was just so painful, the more I saw promotional material for it the more ridiculous it looked. I finally decided I wasn’t going to spend money on it, at least not rush to see it.

    P.S: I have loved anime since grade 6 (I’m now 24), although it has gotten a little repetitive for me and other aspects of life have become far more interesting, I still check out the scene from time to time. The fact that it was very manga driven was not the turn off for me.