Witchblade Teaser Poster. And Yes, She is Half-Naked.

No one has been cast yet, no one has been hired to direct it, and as far as I know, no one has been hired to write it, but that’s not going to stop Platinum Studios and Top Cow from slapping a very, very early teaser poster for their upcoming comic book movie “Witchblade” together and putting it on the film’s brand spanking new official site. The teaser poster for your perusal below. And yes, as the title suggest, the girl holding the witchblade (the gauntlet thingie on her hand) is indeed half-naked, just like in the comics, but NOT just like in the TV version, which is a shame as, well, the girl in the TV version was played by Yancy Butler, and she ain’t half bad looking.

From Platinum Studios, Top Cow Productions, and Arclight Films.

Poster from Comingsoon, which basically looks like every other comic book cover from the Top Cow guys. Thems real horny guys who draws over there, you know.

The official site is here.

Witchblade Teaser Poster