Wolverine 2 Production Start Date Pushed Back to Spring 2012

Wolverine Comic Book by Frank MillerI am two thoughts on Fox’s Japan-set “The Wolverine” aka “X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2”.

It’s got Christopher McQuarrie writing the script and James Mangold directing, and those are two of my “must see” guys right there. I am very anxious to see what Mangold can do with a comic book movie. But on the other hand, the first movie was just so unGodly shitty, I still can’t get over how badly they screwed it up. Honestly, nothing about that movie looked right.

On the plus side, “The Wolverine” can only go up from “Origins”, right? This is definitely one of those times when the sequel holds more promise than the original.

Maybe, but it’ll be a while yet before “The Wolverine” starts production under Mangold. Deadline reports that Fox has pushed the start of production from the expected Fall 2011 to Spring 2012, with the film’s shooting locations still undecided. The sequel’s story takes place mostly in Japan, which means shooting on location isn’t entirely viable right now given the recent Japanese earthquake disaster. Sounds like Canada’s about to get a Japanese makeover.

And if production really has been delayed until Spring 2012, a 2012 release date seems a tad optimistic, as in, impossible. So you’re probably looking at a new (soon to be announced) Summer 2013 release, since I doubt if Fox is going to dump “The Wolverine” into theaters when the kids are back in school.

Hugh Jackman in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) Movie Image