Wolverine 2 Scratching For A March Start In New York And Japan

It looks like last week’s hot rumor about Darren Aronofsky directing “X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2” is about as close as it can get to becoming actual concrete fact. According to Deadline, the man behind “The Wrestler”, “Pi”, and “Black Swan” is so near a deal that scheduling ideas and locations are being bandied about.

A March start date is being eyed so that Aronofsky has time to open “Black Swan” and be available for the inevitable award season obligations.

New York will be the first stop on the road for “Wolverine 2”, and once they are finished with the Big Apple, the production will move on to Japan to work on the Christopher McQuarrie script. I’m exited that the story is venturing into Japan, and I hope that means they’re going to tackle some of stuff with Mariko and Yukio and Ogun. For some reason I’ve always found those to be the most compelling stories from Wolverine’s cannon, and the material seems like an ideal fit for Aronofsky’s sensibilities.