Wolverine-Less Hugh Jackman May Go for a Fantastic Voyage Instead

With his “Wolverine” sequel in the crapper thanks to a variety of factors (losing its most high-profile director yet in Darren Aronofsky, the Earthquake that devastated Japan — the last part is a major problem, since the script is set almost entirely in the country), star Hugh Jackman is a man in search of a big movie. And since he’s turned down “Snow White and the Huntsman”, what’s left? Oh wait, how about that “Fantastic Voyage” remake by producer James Cameron? Oh yeah, that’ll work.

Deadline has Jackman as the top choice of director Shawn Levy (who previously directed Jackman in the upcoming “Real Steel”) to headline the sci-fi remake, though no word if he’s considering it or in negotiations or what. I’ve gotta assume that after shooting “Real Steel” together the two must have good relations, and it’s probably more likely than not that Jackman would choose to continue working with Levy.

That’s the going assumption, anyway, and we all know what happens when you assume. Good stuff, I’m told.

Meanwhile, “The Wolverine” is still looking for a director, with Duncan Jones and David Slade emerging as potential replacements for Aronofsky.