Wolverine Movie Character List/Rundown

Geez, just who isn’t in this movie? To help you figure out who is who, and who will be playing who in what is sure to be 2009’s biggest comic book movie, the “X-Men” spin-off “Wolverine”, we’ve put together this little character list/rundown. I’ll be adding to it in the coming days as more names are announced — officially and unofficially. Should the official names trump the unofficial ones, that will be corrected as well.


Wolverine Movie Character List/RundownWolverine (played by Hugh Jackman – confirmed)

This is as confirmed as you’ll get. Hugh Jackman reprises his Wolverine/Logan character form the three “X-Men” films. He’ll be playing a younger version of his character, which, considering that Wolverine doesn’t actually age, will be interesting to see how they reflect the “young” Wolverine in cinematic terms.

According to previous reports, some of Wolverine’s old stomping grounds include participation in the Vietnam War, among others. In a Wizard article, Wolverine was said to be fighting alongside the civilian alter ego of the mutant the Blob.

The prequel was said to also explore Wolverine’s participation in the Weapon X program — the secretive experiment that gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton and claws, and which wiped away his memory, thus setting the feral mutant on quests to discover his past. This has been a great source of anguish for Wolverine in the comics, and was as well in the first two “X-Men” films.


Wolverine Movie Character List/RundownSabretooth (played by Liev Schreiber – unconfirmed)

Basically, everything else besides the fact that Jackman returns as Wolverine are unconfirmed net rumors. The studio has not confirmed any of the casting rumors that are floating around the net, but one of the names that have been attached to the movie from the very beginning (besides Jackman’s) is Liev Schreiber.

Variety originally reported that Schreiber was in negotiations to play a young Stryker, Wolverine’s human arch-nemesis, as played by Brian Cox in “X-Men 2: X-Men United”. Variety has not followed up that report, but CHUD has now reported that their sources within the studio claims that Schreiber will indeed be a part of “Wolverine” — except as Sabretooth, Wolverine’s mutant arch-nemesis.

As of right now, this seems to be a sure bet — or at least as “sure” as anything can be when it originates on the net.


Wolverine Movie Character List/RundownSilver Fox (played by Lynn Collins – unconfirmed)

Silver Fox, Wolverine’s love interest in the movie, has been the subject of some wild rumors. Two notable names originally connected to the role are Maggie Q and Michelle Monaghan, but according to IESB, relative unknown actress Lynn Collins has nabbed the role. Since IESB has been the go-to site for the Silver Fox role from the very beginning, this looks like a solid enough unconfirmed casting. Other casting rumors had Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia also up for the role.

NOTE: With Silver Fox cast as Wolverine’s love interest, does this mean Wolverine’s Japan escapades will be kept under wraps for future installments? Then again, considering all the characters that are rumored to be packed into this one movie, it remains to be seen if they’re going to jump around time, or follow Wolverine along a short period of time.


Wolverine Movie Character List/RundownWilliam Stryker (played by Danny Huston – unconfirmed)

It’s been assumed since the very beginning that Stryker would be Wolverine’s human nemesis, while Sabretooth would provide the mutant version. With Schreiber now connected to the Sabretooth role, that left Stryker wide open. Would it be Michael C. Hall of Dexter fame? Nope. Joblo.com, quoting a source “close to the production”, reports that Danny Huston is rumored to have sealed up the young Stryker role.

NOTE: Stryker, as played by Brian Cox, was already an old man in “X-Men 2”, so we’re assuming if Huston has really nabbed the role, then “Wolverine” would take approximately 20-30 years before the events of the “X-Men” films.


Wolverine Movie Character List/RundownGambit (played by Taylor Kitsch – unconfirmed)

This is the latest rumor involving the Wolverine movie, which has Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch joining the cast as the mutant Gambit. But as the source for the casting comes from a user on a message board, it’s not the most solid of casting news, and I wouldn’t be surprise if it turns out to be false. The original report was from SuperheroHype, but as mentioned, the source is sketchy at best.

Gambit is a very popular X-Men character, and since there has been no confirmation that the character will even be in the Wolverine movie (and in truth I find it difficult to understand how Gambit would fit into Wolverine’s early life), this may be one of those fanboy wish fulfillment rumors.


Wolverine Movie Character List/RundownDeadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds – unconfirmed)

Nothing says fanboy wish fulfillment rumors than anything involving Ryan Reynolds, who has made it known to anyone who will listen for a while now that he would love to play a comic book character, whether it be DC’s Flash, or Marvel’s Deadpool. According to a rumor started by AICN, Reynolds will finally get his wish, and play Deadpool in the Wolverine movie. AICN cites studio sources, but as yet there has been no confirmation from any official sources.

Like the Gambit character, I fail to see how Deadpool would fit into a movie about Wolverine’s early life. Remember, while Wolverine and Sabretooth, thanks to their healing powers, barely ages, everyone including Deadpool, Stryker, and Gambit would have to age. So if the rumors of Danny Huston playing a young Stryker is true, then the movie would have to take place 20-30 years before the events of the “X-Men” films.

That would seem to prevent both Gambit and Deadpool from appearing in the movie, unless the film was bookmarked by scenes in the present, which would mean cameo appearances by Gambit and Deadpool. Although, even if this last part was true, why would Reynolds agree to show up only briefly in a cameo?



The Blob is rumored to appear in the movie, but no casting has been announced or rumored as yet. (source)

Jonathan Pryce will play the small but pivotal role of the President of the United States. (source)


This article will be updated as more casting rumors surface.


Trade paper Variety has since officially confirmed all the casting rumors above, which sort of renders this post obsolete.