Wolverine News: Deadpool, Scarred Toy, Weapon XI, WTF?

Okay, I admit it, I haven’t really been keeping up with all the “Wolverine” stuff. I mean, sure, I’ve posted all the trailers, the posters, the images, and the clips, but I seem to have neglected the toys. Or else I would have seen and heard about this controversy where a Deadpool toy surfaced looking, er, shall we say, pretty messed up (pictured). So what’s the deal with that? Is that Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool in the movie? MAJOR SPOILERS AHOY.

The guys at Topless Robot says they know what’s up with the scarred Deadpool toy/Ryan Reynolds hullabaloo. Here’s what they got from an inside source who emailed them (which means I have no proof this is real, but this is what they said, so take it for what it is):

• Ryan Reynolds shows up for 10 minutes in the beginning of the film. He’s part of Stryker’s team, and his mutant ability is mostly being a badass with swords, cutting bullets and the like. He is called Wade Wilson during this period.
• Stryker’s big plan (or one of ’em) is to make Weapon XI, a mutant with a shit-ton of mutant powers.
• Stryker uses Wilson’s body as the mutant power receptacle, and because of the scarring (I’m not sure whether that’s from a previous fight, or as a result of all the mutant powers getting packed into him), Weapon XI is played by Scott Adkins. Weapon XI appears for about ten minutes near the film’s end, and has the claws seen above (a la Wolverine), Cyclops’ optic blast, Wraith’s teleportation ability, and Wolverine’s healing factor, too. Also, his mouth is indeed sewn shut.
• Just like Weapon X is given the name “Wolverine,” Weapon XI is given the name “Deadpool.”

So there you have it. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool for 10 minutes at the beginning of the film, disappears, and then Deadpool aka Weapon XI returns for the film’s final 10 minutes, but this time played by Scott Adkins.

So, er, how are they going to spin this off into a Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds if Reynolds is no longer Deadpool at the end of the film?

One word: Prequel.

Below: “So wait, I’m only in this thing for 10 minutes? Lame.”